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Is it possible to create an assignment template that I can use multiple times throughout the course?

I created an assignment in Canvas and then added it to the commons and marked it as a template.  Can I use this same assignment multiple times through out the course to create an assignment that repeats but provides different scores each time?

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@ggreenwood ...

How about creating an assignment in your course with all the text and settings that you want...and then making duplicates of it...making any of those minor modifications that you need along the way?  That would be quicker than creating individual assignments and configuring the settings for each one.

How do I duplicate an assignment? - Instructure Community (

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Hello @AdolphusGreenho 

I'm also not familiar with the assignment templates manager that @ggreenwood is talking about.

I think that duplicating the assignment might be best the best option for this. I have seen instructors do this with assignments that are being used for things such as participation. You could keep your assignment that you are using as a template unpublished with all of your general details. Then you can duplicate it and change the details such as the name of it and publish it for the students. 

Hopefully this helps! 


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