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Good morning.  We have been using the Commons as the repository for our adjuncts and other faculty to pull down courses that were created this past Summer and for Fall.  Everything worked beautifully in the Summer.  Now, when I (or anyone it seems) downloads a course from the Commons, the assignment dates are no longer there.  It's like the dates were never set up, but I know for a fact that they were.  I've downloaded three different courses this morning, and none of them have the assignment dates.  Has there been a change to the Commons that is affecting these dates?  This is going to be critical for our school.

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This is expected behavior with imports from Commons, whether you are importing an entire course, a module, or an individual course assignment, quiz, or discussion.

If you are looking to push out completed courses with specific due dates, you may want to look into Blueprinting, as creating a Blueprint course allows you to associate multiple "child" courses with a "master" Blueprint course and gives you the ability to lock specific course content, including due dates and availability dates.

You can learn more about the features of Bluepring

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