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Hi everyone,

For the past few days, instructors at our institution have been having problems with the tests imported from Commons, which is a big issue since we're currently in the middle of the exam period.

The problem is that tests from Commons cannot be imported properly. They appear in the course, but Canvas keeps saying it is still "copying".


 In some cases, we then get a message after 15-30 minutes that something went wrong, but not in all cases. Students are unable to open their assignments, and there seems to be nothing teachers can do to alter this.

Can anyone help us with this issue? Many thanks!

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In the meantime, we have found a workaround that can help: the issue only occurs when importing, so downloading the test from Commons and then uploading the file (Common Cartridge 1.x Package) works just fine.

Still, we are curious to know why so many of our teachers are unable to import from Commons.

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