How do I view account settings in Commons?

As a Canvas account admin, you can access account settings in Commons to manage public sharing and importing options for your account, view and manage groups and consortiums, manage resources shared by users at your institution, and view resource statistics.


  • Users with the default Canvas account admin user role automatically have account admin access in Commons.
  • Your institution can create custom Canvas account admin roles with the "Admins - add/remove" permission. These admin users also have account admin access in Commons.  
  • Users with non-admin roles (instructors, designers, etc.) do not have access to Admin Settings. However, you can grant limited Admin Settings access to group leaders or content curators. 

Open Admin Settings

To access Commons Account Settings, click the Admin link.

View Account Settings

View Account Settings

In the Account Settings tab, you can allow approved content settings, manage sharing settings, allow featured content, and configure default search filters.

You can also enable or disable standards and outcomes. By default, Standards & Outcomes settings are enabled.

You can edit your account settings at any time.

View Groups

In the Groups tab, you can create and manage groups with which you share resources.

View Consortiums

View Consortiums

In the Consortiums tab, you can create and manage consortiums with which you share resources.

View Managed Resources

In the Managed Resources tab, you can search, view, and remove resources shared by your institution that are not private to the author/sharer. You can also edit resource metadata (details, content licensing, share option); however, you cannot edit or update resource content.

View Statistics

In the Stats tab, you can view resource statistics for content shared by users at your institution. You can search for and filter resources. You can also view resource name, author, email address, approved content status, number of times favorited, number of times downloaded, and a link to the Canvas source file.