How do I view my imported and shared resources in Commons?

You can easily view all the resources you have imported or shared from Commons in one place.


  • If you need to remove a resource imported through Commons, navigate to the corresponding area in your course and delete it there. For example, to remove an imported assignment, navigate to the Assignments Index Page in your course to delete the assignment from the list.
  • To enable Commons in your Canvas instance, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • Commons is available in all Free for Teacher (FFT) accounts. Free for Teacher users are limited to finding, importing, and sharing public resources.
  • Commons currently does not support sharing/importing question banks associated with a quiz.
  • New Quizzes cannot be imported from Commons.

Open Imported

In Commons Navigation, click the Imported link.

View Imported Resources

View resources you have imported from Commons into Canvas. Resources are sorted by most recent date.

Open Shared

In Commons Navigation, click the Shared link.

View Shared Resources

View your shared resources. Resources are sorted by most recent share date.

Remove Resource

Remove Resource

Click the Delete icon to remove the resource from Commons.

Confirm Delete

Confirm Delete

You will be asked to confirm deletion of the resource. To confirm and delete the resource, click OK [1]. You will be unable to recover the resource once it is removed from Commons.

To cancel deletion, click Cancel [2].

Note: If you delete a shared resource in Canvas, other users will still be able to import that resource until you delete the resource in Commons.