Conditions where non-prod systems wont work for LTI testing

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Greetings : At our institution, I am an advocate for testing new LTI integrations with tool providers against our non-production Canvas systems. I know there are some cases where using * or * are not applicable:

  • When a third-party tool relies upon a key or token for API calls, and the same token/key does not exist on production and test systems.
  • When a third-party tool only authorizes connections from the production URL.
  • When there is something fundamentally different between production and test (configuration difference, code upgrade etc.) 

I wanted to ask are there any other cases where using non-production Canvas for LTI testing will fail. My bottom line is that I do not see this approach to testing as final or conclusive. But I prefer to start in a non-production system, to make sure there are no unintended side-effects of the integration, before moving into production. And then, only in production in a sand-boxed Sub-Account. Would like others input and recommendations on this concern.


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