Detect difference API or manual enrollment via API response

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is it possible to detect via the API enrollments response to check whether a enrollment was done via the API or manual via the GUI? We don't have a field designated for this so I am looking for a standard option.



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Hi @EdwinBrenters,

I believe you can look for the "sis_import_id" parameter in an API enrollment object.  If you see that parameter populated, the enrollment came from an SIS import.  If not, it was created some other way.  Now the caveat to this is really how your sis integration with Canvas works.  Many use the sis import process, so this method would work fine for those.  On the other hand, some integrate by calling specific direct API functions, so this method might not work in that case.  Also, as the API notes indicate, make sure the user who's running the api call has the "manage SIS information" permission, otherwise the field won't be included at all.

Hope this helps a bit!


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