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Community Coach

Embed PowerPoint in a Content Page

Is there any way to embed a PowerPoint slideshow in a Canvas Content page? We have need to add a transcript below the slideshow, so the typical upload a file to a module won't work.

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Community Champion

Not sure if this is what you're looking for but maybe you can try this: Embed a presentation in a web page or blog - Office Support 

Yeah JEFHQ12951 I have been messing with that One-Drive work-round for over an hour, and just running into head aches. Then I found the right combination..........

  • Upload to OneDrive,
  • Open presentation,
  • Click Open in PowerPoint Online,
  • Then you get the share option to embed.

Thanks to pointing me in the right direction, and bless the gods that I poked around a bit more.


Community Contributor

Hi  @kmeeusen ,

You found a great solution along with JEFHQ12951's suggestion. 

Alternatively, if you have Office Mix you can publish it there and get an embed code.

It renders the PPT in a pretty cool way... here's a sample...

Click here for a sample of Mix in Canvas

Best regards,


Community Contributor

We have utilized iSpring to do this in the past:

iSpring Suite 8.7 – The Best E-Learning Tools for PowerPoint 

FYI Office Mix is no longer available. Microsoft replaced it with a streaming service.

Hi  @karen_bowden ,

Thanks for letting me know. It was a nice service. RIP, Office Mix. Smiley Sad

Smiley Happy


Community Participant

Solution without resorting to Google or OneDrive or O365 is to:

1. Insert the file.

2. Select the file link.

3. Select Link options.

4. Automatically open in-line preview.