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Great API and LTI dev course, but not maintained for a while


There is a nice course available on API and LTI development:

Brian Whitmer is the teacher in this course and after googling his name I can guess why this course hasn't been updated for a while.

Although I am enthusiastic about this course, I believe it needs more materials to first learn to understand the technology enough to be able do the assignments properly.

Additionally, in the assignments multiple times you are requested to perform some actions which return specific text. This need to be submitted in the assignments. But because the returned text has slightly been changed in the past few years, the submitted answers are marked as incorrect.

My question would be, is it possible to assign one or more teachers to this course and to update the content and assignments? If so, I would definitely recommend this course to the developers at our university.

Kind regards,

Jaap Stelpstra

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My first exposure to Canvas LTI Tools was through this course. While going through the assignments, I had the same thought.

The course is a great starting point and should be expanded to teach new developers how to build their own lti tools.

Canvas would see all kinds of new apps developed by its users.

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Me too. I learned a lot by struggling my way through Brian's course. It was hard, and I could have used a lot more guidance, but the biggest thing is making sure it actually works. I'm currently mentoring someone who needs to learn all that stuff, and I've tasked him with completing the course. I'd like to think it's not so broken that he won't be able to complete it. I'm okay with the minimalist approach to instruction, but if the assignments can no longer be completed successfully, I'm going to be really stuck for a way to get him off the ground. I noticed that Deactivated user​ is also listed as a teacher. Hopefully he will see this mention.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @stelpstra ,

I am going through having a look at some of the early days in the Canvas Developers group, and checking in to see if older enquiries have been answered. I also noticed there hasn’t been any discussion on this question in quite some time.

I am wondering if this is something you are still interested in! I recently created the Canvas APIs: Getting started, the practical ins and outs, gotchas, tips, and tricks‌ document as a helpful starting point, though I can also see that a course would be very useful!

Look forward to hearing from you!


Hi  @stuart_ryan ‌, thanks for the API resource, that is a very useful page.

Regarding LTI development, there is almost no documentation available and almost no examples. The examples that are out there are outdated and do not work any more. Additionally, OAuth documentation is incomplete, it lacks information about handshake validation.

A quick look at indicated it has not been updated and contains invalid answers which would be quite confusing for those starting to learn how it all works.

It would be very helpful if a similar document as the API Getting Started documentation would be created, including some working examples.



Hi  @stelpstra ,

I agree, this is something I have wished for as well (as I will admit, while I can code, I have never come within a country mile of coding an LTI).

I will see if I can find a few people at hack night at InstructureCon who might have some knowledge and see what we can pull together. Equally, if anyone has expertise and experience in this are that they may be open to collaborating on this, I would be keen!


New Member

 @stelpstra ‌ I would like to work on this course!

 @stelpstra ‌ I would also like to work on an LTI getting started resource/course. I've been tinkering with the IMS-LTI code without success. Would love to figure this out and share some guidance to make it easier for others to get started.

Does anyone have links to a simple hello world LTI app I could start on? 

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HI colleagues,

Many of us have expressed interest in learning to write LTIs and possibly developing a course on that topic. I'm willing to organize a peer-learning group for this purpose. Our goal would be that, by the end of the summer, each of us in the group will have been able to get at least a basic LTI tool up and running.

If you would be like to join this group, please state your intent by replying to this post by Sunday, May 5th. Based on availability, I will coordinate a synchronous meeting for interested parties and see if I can find someone experienced with LTIs to mentor us.

I will ask that  @stelpstra ‌,  @tjones1 ‌,  @BKINNEY ‌,  @stuart_ryan ‌,  @skriloffn ‌, and  @molea ‌ please confirm if this is of interest to you.