OAuth Invalid/Unknown Client Error

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Are developer credentials from Canvas limited to a particular Canvas shard?

Okay, so this one has really stumped me. I have some LTI applications that are being used by a variety of institutions on a variety of Canvas instances. I was working with an institution to install one of the tools and I keep getting the following error from the https://<institution>.instructure.com/login/oauth2/auth page:


          "error": "invalid_client",

          "error_description": "unknown client",

          "message": "invalid client_id"


Has anyone encountered this before or know how to go about diagnosing the issue?

Here is some additional information that may be helpful:

  • My client ID is correct in the URL.
  • My developer credentials came through Instructure (not those you can now generate at the institution level).
  • My developer credentials have been used successfully in 6+ different Canvas instances.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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