Please Help — Proxy.js throwing errors, preventing the DOM from fully loading

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Hey, friends. So as I as debugging my JavaScript in Chrome DevTools, I found that my code isn't running because the DOM isn't fully loading. Apparently a file called "proxy.js" is throwing a couple fatal errors, as well as "webpack-production/main-entry-47177a3[...].js". I didn't work with either of these files so I'm not sure what to do.

Initially I was getting an error in my code because some of the DOM elements hadn't yet loaded, so they had null property values. When I wrapped the code in a DOMContentLoaded event listener, it never even ran.

I submitted a ticket but it went to a member of our team that does not work with this kind of code.

I'm not making any API calls. You can review the code I'm trying to implement.

Not sure about next steps?

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Community Coach

Hi @NatFeibish,

Do you know if you're using a self-hosted version of Canvas LMS, or is it an Instructure cloud-hosted one?  If you're on Instructure-hosted, at least one of your admins should have access to create a ticket and assign it to Instructure support for them to check out.  If you're on a self-hosed environment, I'm not sure how to suggest troubleshooting this.  I just checked our Instructure-hosted environment, and can tell you we're not getting any obvious errors with proxy.js and our custom javascript/css are loading fine, so I don't think this is a global issue right now.


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