Student Reports Data Analytics API and Tableau

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We have started looking into building a student progress report for our students to access. 

I believe Canvas' student analytics and reporting is only accessible to students through the people menu item. But then with this option they can also have access to the analytics of all the other students in the course. 

We are therefore looking at a couple of other options. 

One option is to use a third party tool like Tableau to extract the data and present it in a way that conveys to the student/parent their progress, engagement and outcomes - possibly with broad comparisons to other students in the class - some kind of 'flightpath' diagram.

Can Tableau access this data and display it to the student within their course or outside of the course?

I see that you can gather LMS wide data and present it within a course: Tableau Workbook Examples  but really I am more interested in how a user's data can be packaged and securely presented back to that user in an informative and visually appealing way. 

Another option we are looking at is to use the Analytics API Analytics - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation to extract the user data and present that in a responsive HTML5 formatted page - using some form of graphing js like Sparkline or Flot charts.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on how we could/should proceed? Any help would be most appreciated Smiley Happy

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