Ability to change a users role without deleting the user

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Currently, to change a users role on a course, the user has to be deleted and added back in.  This results in additional, unnecessary invitations to the course.  It would be great if we could simply change or add roles to the user without deleting.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

All our enrollments were handled automatically through our Banner SIS into eCollege, so we didn't have to manually change a user's status too much.  However, when we did have to manually change several statuses at once, this was an easy way to do it rather than by going from course to course.

Community Champion

Great idea.  Will definitely vote yes when it's available.

Community Coach
Community Coach

This would be great; especially for Sub-Account Admin Management.

Community Team
Community Team

This would be handy!

Community Contributor

Yes - would love to be able to do this!

Community Contributor

Totally agree with the request and reasons

Being able to

a) (un)enrol users by role across more than one course at a time would also be a real admin time saver

b) search for enrollments by role across courses ( instaed of having to go into each course at at time or looking at users profiles) would also be a fantastic time saver

Community Participant

Yes ! This would be a great feature.

Community Contributor

This is a bit of a painful process for both the admin of the course as well as for the participant. Please add this feature to Canvas to help streamline this fairly simple tasks for all! Thanks!

Community Contributor

This is now open for voting, so be sure to cast your vote.

Community Explorer

Great idea