[Account Settings] Allow separate account settings for students and faculty

Problem statement:

When attempting to modify options in account settings, many options don't differentiate between different types of users. Right now, many options only allow you to enable it for all users and disable it for all users.

Impacted settings:

  • Users can edit their name
  • Users can edit their profile
  • Users can edit their communication channels
  • Users can delete their institution-assigned email address
  • Select users who can create new courses
  • Users with no enrollments
Proposed solution:

These options should have separate options for students and faculty. Each organization should be able to choose if they want students, faculty, or other users to have these abilities individually. The reason this is necessary is that institutions must ensure student safety around bullying, harassment, and inappropriate content. Some of these blanket settings can allow these incidents to occur.

User role(s):