Account level calendar (and sub-account level calendar)

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Account level and sub-account level calendar use cases:

  1. Holiday dates
  2. Open days
  3. Special events
  4. Competitions

All users within that account or sub-account would see these calendar events.

Community Coach
Community Coach

This would also be nice for University-wide important dates, such as:

  • First Day of Classes
  • Last Day of Add/Drop
  • Withdrawal Deadline
  • Last Day of Classes
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Yes, Susan! Agree it would be great for users to be able to access an institution's academic calendar through the Canvas feature.

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This NEEDS to happen!!!!

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Community Novice

This would be a wonderful enhancement! I've gotten a lot of feedback from students in my classes saying they wish the college academic calendar was available in Canvas.

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We have had faculty asking for an institutional calendar for years!  This would eliminate a lot of work that faculty members do to create important dates on the calendar, and make students more aware of these dates. 

If these could be at the term-level for the institution (such as withdrawal deadlines) and at the sub-account level (for discipline specific dates or events).  Some larger universities or k-12 districts probably have a much more complicated semester date situation so the flexibility to be able to do either would be beneficial. 

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Great Idea. We really Need this!

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Please add this-it will help us so much!!

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We are new to canvas and struggling with this very thing. Please get this done ASAP!!

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Account and Sub-Account level calendars would be incredibly beneficial to our teachers and students. We could mark holidays, special bell schedules at each school, finals etc.  Currently, our teachers need to list important dates in every course they create which is very time-consuming.