Add Download Functionality to ARC

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas Studio


Current status
Students can download videos embedded in paged from Canvas course files, however students cannot download videos embedded in paged from Canvas ARC. Due to the limitation of course sizes, it's not possible to load all videos into the course files area. Best practise to use ARC. However ARC does not provide the same download functionality. We have a number of students complaining that they cannot perform this function. 
Issues with ARC
Sharing videos via ARC only provides View and Edit options. View option does not enable download and Edit allows users to delete videos. Also it's a long process to share videos with a large cohort. 
Configure ARC so that students can download videos embedded in Canvas pages from ARC, I.E. Add download functionality to ARC. 
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I support the download idea, but please if updated make the download feature #optional.  We have many faculty who like the fact that their videos are safer in ARC.  

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Excellent suggestion mark. I appreciate that ARC is a safe place to house videos and an option to download or not makes sense. This is adding functionality without loss of security.



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Currently the only way I can see that it is possible to download the video to the student is by copying the download link that ARC generates in the area of "My uploads" and put that link inside the html code of the page, the problem is that this is a very manual task that requires a lot of time to be made for a lot of videos.

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Yes great idea but it must be optional. I work with academics who don't always want the video to be downloaded. But a great feature to add!

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I work for a university that desperately needs this download option. We are piloting Canvas now and are considering the implementation of ARC but I can only see giving support to this if a download option appears on the near horizon.

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I'd support downloading of videos as long as there is an option to not allow as well.

There are copyright issues that arise when content is not secured.

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This is something we would like to see at our college as well.  We have some students who live in areas where their internet is spotty.  Giving them the ability to download videos when on campus where internet is reliable would allow them to view the videos at home when they are stuck offline.

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I second this as well!

Plus, the added ability to download Arc submissions from assessments for offline marking!

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Note - my colleague and I had to join this group in order to get the voting buttons on this feature suggestions, even after logging in. We suspect this may mean votes for this feature are lower than they would otherwise be. Smiley Sad

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Now that we have this feature, i realized that the link of download when someone save or share for other user, the link is expired after some time and the download not working. Does someone know at in how long time this link is expired?