Add time option to bulk assignment due date changer

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

The bulk due date changer released 4/18/20 is wonderful, but doesn't include the option to set a due time. Let's vote up the idea to add time to the bulk due date changer!

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bumping this so that others see it

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Joining the chorus - we need this. 

It is hard to explain to instructors why being able to change the time hasn't been added by now. From the end user's vantagepoint, adding this functionality would seem to be an easy change. I realize some changes have more complexity beyond the surface; maybe that applies in this case? 

Perhaps the Canvas product team that oversees this could offer a brief comment on what the plans are? 

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Yes, please ASAP add the time editor.  Why wasn't this added to begin with?  Very frustrating because you still have to go and click within the modules.  

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I agree this is a crucial feature. In fact, I find it hard to speculate why the decision was made to leave out the time option from the beginning.

I can't think of any other place in Canvas that you enter a date (as opposed to datetime) for a setting.

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I just encountered this oversight for the first time, as well. It seems to be a logical feature to have included in the Edit Assignment Dates tool since courses do often switch to different time slots from term to term, and instructors will often associate the start or end time of a class with the due date and time of the assignment.

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Suggestion for adding an ability to adjust the times assignments are due in bulk. I love that there's the ability to adjust the due dates easily and would thoroughly appreciate the ability to do so for timing as well.

As a university professor, I often teach the same course at different times and this feature would save so much time. 


Thank you.

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There is a bulk change for the date of assignments, but there is not a bulk change for the 'times'.  Changing the date still means I need to go into each assignment separately and change the time.  So what is the use of changing the date?  A partial fix is no fix at all. 

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Yes please! As others have mentioned, individually changing each assignment's due date time is so tedious, especially when you need to do it for every assignment across multiple courses.

We just want to be able to change in bulk a batch of due date times from something like 12pm to 1:30pm.  It seems like it could be so easy, but instead it takes hours when you have to do it hundreds of times. 

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Yes please add this feature!  changing dates is easy, just dragging in calendar.  it's the time that takes so much ... time clicking on each assignment 4 times before you can edit time of day the assignment is due.

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Supporting and upvoting this suggestion; how is this not included?