[Announcements] Post announcements in multiple courses at once

I would like to see a feature in Canvas that allows you to create an announcement then choose multiple courses  in which you would like to see the announcement posted.  The current process is time consuming and tedious; you create the announcement then open each course and copy and paste it into each separately.
Note from the Community Team: We are aligning this with a very similar idea, https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/2703-common-announcement-to-all-my-classes

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Community Team
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Hi @slbergh -

Thanks for sharing your idea! Would you like to continue copying your announcement "out" of the course, or would it work to publish to multiple courses simultaneously?

This idea is already aligned to a Theme:  [Announcements] Post announcements in multiple courses at once 

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Being able to post to multiple courses would work as well. That would eliminate the extra steps of publishing the original then going back in to copy. I may not always need to send it to every course, so perhaps having check boxes for the courses we want it to go to would be the way to go.