[Assignments] assignment ordering: "sort chronologically" button in settings

on the assignment page next to the group title there is a gear icon representing settings.  on that drag down menu bar it would be wonderful to have an option to sort assignments chronologically. 



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It's been 3 years since clients have pointed out this obvious feature.  The BEST that Canvas could do was to suggest that the feature is included simply by using the Syllabus as a home page and hiding assignments.

That's NOT what people are asking for.

Here's what I think they and *i* want:  We would like the first assignment TO BE AT THE TOP, NOT AT THE BOTTOM, WHERE THEY HAVE TO SCROLL DOWN TO FIND IT.

Am I yelling?


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I would like to have this feature. It is time-consuming to drag and drop each assignment to sort by date.

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Canvas needs a button that automatically sorts assignments. Please and thank you!

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I agree 100%. This feature is absolutely needed to assist in keeping the LMS user friendly.

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Yes, please! Unbelievable that "sort by due date" is not an option. 

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On the assignments tab at the top of each category be able to reorder either by module name or due dates

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Yep, another very basic important feature Canvas still doesn't have...

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It's now nearly May 2021 and this still isn't an option? This seems like an incredibly simply thing to add and it would be very helpful. Can we get an ETA?

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I strongly support this needed function. I include in Assignments a section on Readings. I assign over 100 articles in each of two courses, post them in Files, and then attach each one to an Assignment that includes the due date and the date available. I revise the list every year and often change the due dates based on the course schedule and the school calendar. New articles or new assignments appear at the bottom and each must be manually dragged up to where it fits in the schedule. 

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Would be a time saver. Agree completely.