[Assignments] per-user-reattempts for assignments

Your new "Assignment Allowed Attempts" feature is useful and aligns the behavior of assignments and quizzes in Canvas. Please consider adding the option of per-user-reattempts for assignments. This can be done through moderation for quizzes and is very handy in our standards based assessment environment. Our students can request a reattempt on assignments and quizzes after demonstrating that they are better prepared.

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Yes, please!

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Yes, please!!!

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We have just started using Canvas this year, mainly with New Quizzes. Such a surprise to find that we can't allow additional attempts for Assignments as easily as for New Quizzes. This is a huge issue for us, as most students have to upload a number of files at the end of their course, and suddenly we have found ourselves with an additional unexpected admin workload of excusing students from their original assessments, creating new ones and adding students to the new assessments. And we're just praying we don't have to manually mark them as completed in our student management system. A reasonably elegant solution is needed asap please.

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The ability to add an additional attempt on assignments for individual students is an important feature that should be added to Canvas. Our support group gets this request daily. Please consider adding this feature to your development roadmap.

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In quizzes, you can add an extra attempt for an individual student.  For assignments, you cannot do that. I would like to be able to limit submissions to 1 submission for students, but if there is a problem, like they accidentally handed it in, or just totally misunderstood the assignment, to be able to allow an individual student to resubmit an assignment without allowing ALL students to do it.

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Students occasionally need to be able to resubmit or add a submission to an assignment.  Teachers need the means to quickly okay such a request without having to increase the allowed attempts for the whole class.  This could be included at the bottom of editing an assignment under the "add" button!  Please, this is needed!

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Students sometimes submit the wrong file for an assignment. Teachers need the ability on a per-student basis to Ignore an Attempt or Add Another Attempt for just this individual student so they can re-submit the correct file.

Teachers do not want to give the whole class another attempt, nor do they want to take in work manually and not use speedgrader. The also do not want to make extra assignments for individual student. Blackboard has this assignment feature and so many instructors coming from that platform expect it.

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I would appreciate instructors being able to either remove an individual submission or allow resubmissions for an individual student. If a student accidentally submits to the wrong assignment, there is no way to currently allow them another attempt without allowing multiple attempts for all students. Thank you! 

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We are just migrating from blackboard to canvas and already getting complaints about not being able to do this in canvas. please get this added ASAP. 

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We have both professors and students who call us daily in order to reset assignment attempts. It is not feasible to allow additional attempts for the entire class and it is absurd to have to create a new assignment for 1 student. We were able to do this without a problem in Blackboard.