[Assignments] per-user-reattempts for assignments

Your new "Assignment Allowed Attempts" feature is useful and aligns the behavior of assignments and quizzes in Canvas. Please consider adding the option of per-user-reattempts for assignments. This can be done through moderation for quizzes and is very handy in our standards based assessment environment. Our students can request a reattempt on assignments and quizzes after demonstrating that they are better prepared.

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Yes! We have competency based courses that desperately need this feature. We want instructors to be able to guide student attempts. 

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For Performance Based Education this feature would be extremely valuable!  Example:  Assignments allowing 2 attempts at first only before having to meet with an instructor prior to a released 3rd attempt.  Get with the changing times, Canvas!

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Please add the feature to all allow extra submissions on assignments per student.  This would greatly simplify the procedure when a student deserves a second chance!

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@kgish Exactly! This is a common thing that needs to be done, so I'm not sure why it isn't it Canvas' core functionality.

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Please stop working on 'new' quizzes for a week and give us this feature the community has wanted for years.

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Just don't understand why this has to be requested, to be able to allow extra attempts to selected students is so basic that to not have it is malpractice.  Canvas is very rigid, very little flexibility.  If your institution is considering Canvas, please, run as fast as you can away from it.  Canvas is one-size-fiyts-all LMS, flexibility is not valued by their designers.

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CANVAS CANVAS CANVAS HAVE YOU FIXED THIS YET??????? PLEASE! THIS HAS BEEN OPEN SINCE APRIL 2020?????!!!! Please consider adding the option of per-user-reattempts for assignments

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You can see how many have posted, yet not even a comment from Canvas/Instructure, which leads me to believe that they:

A) Do not read these posts

B) Do not care about the community

C) Are only looking for more profits

Steve Daly, Steve Townsend, Shiren Vijiasingam - Any comment?

@SteveDaly @SteveTownson 

p.s. I have had this issue now more than 20 times THIS SEMESTER.

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Please consider adding this feature; as midterms come around, more and more faculty are becoming frustrated with this lack of functionality.