Automatically Remove Missing Flag Once Grade is Entered

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For on paper or no submission assignments, if a grade is flagged as missing, but then later points are added to the gradebook, the missing flag remains.  The instructor then needs to manually remove the missing flag, even though points were assigned.  It would be great to have the missing flag automatically disappear once points were entered (signifying that it is no longer missing).  The option to have the missing automatically turn into late would be even better.

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I guess maybe this can be added to Quizzes.Next as an upgrade?

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I voted for this, but the difficulty is that I want to be able to enter a 0 for a missing assignment without necessarily removing the missing label.  I would prefer if it automatically resolved the missing label for all non-zero grades.  I'm happy to remove it manually for the rare earned zero.

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I should have the choice whether or not the notification of missing appears. Students are confused.  Please correct ASAP.

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This would need to be implemented thoughtfully, because some grades might mean the assignment is still missing. In my building, there are teachers who enter 30% as scores for missing work and others who enter 50%. (Since I noticed that students who actually did the work in my class got grades all the way from 0%-100% on the autograded quizzes, I use 0% for missing so it's never strategically better to skip an assignment but have a drop policy for a certain number of low assignment grades so a couple of missing assignments don't hurt their grade.)

I'd like to see the ability to edit the status every place you can enter the grade, but as two options. (In my particular case, to be able to remove "missing" labels in Speedgrader for on paper submissions.)

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please, please!  This would be preferable and then those who need to be able to mark the "graded" work as still "missing' since they use some grade to indicate missing assignments, could manually re-flag them as missing.  That ability to flag and unflag as missing NEEDS to be able to be done from speed grader, student individual grade view, and gradebook with ease. Thanks

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A previous gradebook I used had the following option: 

"Z" grade = counts as a zero in the gradebook, but is still a missing assignment

0 = counts as a zero in the gradebook, but is not a missing assignment since it is an actual score

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Once a grade is entered, whether a zero or other, any notation that could trigger the assignment as "still missing" should be auto removed--it is confusing to students/parents. It would be also nice to be able to have an "override" where we can place the value to our "zeros"--whether percentages or points for weighting. That might resolve the concern for any who want to have the ability to weigh in a zero/missing assignment in some manner.

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This feature doesn't make any sense. This is transcript from Canvas support:

"The reason behind the different behavior of an "Excused" flag and a "Missing" flag is its impact on the student's grade.

When the "Excused" status is given to a student's submission, that assignment is not counted towards the final grade of the given student,  whereas the "Missing" status does not grant this option, as it only indicates that on Canvas, there was no submission made from this student.

Therefore, whenever a mark is entered instead of an "Excused" submission, it starts counting the entered mark towards the final grade, which is against the nature of the "Excused" status, consequently, the flag is removed.

However, when a grade is entered for a student, who has a "Missing" status for the submission, the nature of the status does not change, because the submission itself is still missing. Therefore, the status is not being removed."

If a grade is entered, please explain to me how the assignment is still "missing."

Please fix the FLAW in your programming!

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Please fix this asap.

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This has recently come up for my school as most people had not transitioned to the new grade book until now. . .  It's very tedious to manually remove the "missing" label from each student in the grade book if the student's assignment was submitted on paper or looked at in class.  It would be nice if the label were automatically removed when a non-zero score is entered!