[Blueprint Courses] Allow Submission type to be locked in blueprint courses

Problem statement:

We are currently not able to lock the Submission type in Assignments in Blueprint courses. This makes the Assignment editable in the associate courses upto an extent the format of submission can be changed by a teacher in the associate courses (e.g., From File upload to No submission) which defeats the purpose of pushing through locked uneditable content as the whole format of submission is changeable. I believe that the Submission type is the core of a Canvas Assignment. The biggest issue we are facing is that we're using Google assignments (External tool type Submission) in many blueprint courses and the teachers are able to edit the Submission type in the Associate courses which changes the whole assignment's intention/instructions/flow of submission and the essence of an activity in general.

Proposed solution:

It would be great to have an option in the Settings of the blueprint course to have "Submission Type" locked as well in addition to the four existing option (Content, Points, Due Dates, Availability Dates) in General Locked Objects or Locked Objects by Type.

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