[Blueprint Courses] Locking down items. Streamline the process

Problem statement:

My organisation is a big user of Blueprints. Before we do an association we lockdown the content. Generally, this involves all pages, assessments, and quizzes. The current process requires us to go and individually click all the lock items alongside these objects. This is a very time-consuming process. Just now I have done a short course that only had 41 pages and 17 quizzes/assignments - I still need to do each one individually. Many of our courses have 100's of pages and can have upward of 20-30 assessments This is a really time-consuming process for staff

Proposed solution:

See Attached  - my idea was to have Select All / Lock All options at the top of the pages, assignments, and quizzes area. If there are any objects that aren't required to be locked then they can be de-selected. This will free up heaps of time doing this very time-consuming process regards Andrew

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