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Problem statement:

Whilst the new Account Calendar feature has a number of promising applications, it currently relies on all members of an account adding the calendar for any events in the Account Calendar to be visible to them. As a teacher and Middle Leader at a P-12 Distance Education school, it is unlikely that even with direct communication and instruction, all students would actually add the calendar. This would result in only a portion of students knowing about events specific to their sub-account (Year Level), making the feature unusable in our circumstance. We would like to use the Account Calendar feature to create calendar events specific to each year level. We currently only have a combined communications course set up for each sector (Primary, Middle, Senior). However, we do have sections within these for each year level and year level sub-accounts based on the courses students are enrolled in. The Account Calendar feature, if we could ensure events were automatically visible to all students in the sub-account, would be ideal.

Proposed solution:

- Add to the settings available when enabling Account Calendars. E.g. - Automatically add Account Calendar for 'User Role' - Give admin the option when enabling Account Calendar to send a global notification or 'accept' prompt similar to course enrolment that appears on students' dashboard. This would eliminate the reliance of teachers/admin on the members/students in a sub-account manually adding the new calendar.

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I wholeheartedly agree! I've already heard from one of our campus presidents that not many students will adopt this if the onus is put on them to add the calendar, and we are a higher ed institution.

Our institution would like the Canvas calendar to be a one stop where a student can see all important course and campus dates. They will miss that if it is up to them to add it.

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Yes. And, add a multi-day event feature.


I agree. The default option should be ON if we are using this feature.

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