[Catalog] Allow "Weeks" for Duration in Catalog Listings

Problem statement:

Currently, course listings in Catalog either display the amount of days (if Days to Complete is used in the course listing) or the start date and end date (if getting the date from Canvas).

Proposed solution:

I suggest a couple of options... 1. Allow Days to Complete to be shown in weeks for longer courses. If it's a longer course... like 42 days... there should be an option to display that as 6 weeks. 2. Have an option to either display the duration in weeks for courses with a start/end date in Canvas or, even better, an option to display the duration in weeks in addition to the dates. Why? Because we shouldn't make customers/students have to do math to figure out the duration of a course. We should have the options to display the course duration in whatever metric we think conveys it the best.

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Community Team
Community Team
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@hechla - Thank you for sharing your idea! We reviewed your contribution, and we feel it aligns well with our existing theme. We hope you will look at the other ideas that the Product Team has linked to Improved flexibility in Catalog listing management and reporting.