[Catalog] Emailing Reports from Catalog

Problem statement:

On Catalog admins are able to view analytics... listings, orders, enrollments, users. We have marketing and enrollment personnel who need to know whether specific individuals have enrolled and for an admin to have to manually check for this information is not a productive use of time.

Proposed solution:

Develop a way to send an email report of analytics to specific email addresses. For example, it would be great to be able to have a report sent daily/weekly of all new enrollments in the last day/week. Even if the report was only able to be emailed to the admin that's still better than having to manually check the analytics to see if anyone new enrolled.

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hi @hechla,

thank you for your submission!

If I understood correctly, you mean an automated report being sent on a daily/weekly basis, to a specific email, right? 

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Hi @KataKeri 

Yes, an automated report sent on a daily/weekly basis to a specific email.  Ideally, the admin could specify the email address to send it to, but if it were sent only to the admin who configured the report that would be okay. 

Maybe this is a tangent, and I might still put in another idea for this, but having different roles/permissions in Catalog (like in Canvas) would be great. If we could allow a user to only access analytics, for example, but not do all of the other admin stuff that could help with our issue. 


@hechla Thank you for the details!

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