[Commons] Ability to share a rubric to the Commons

As a Canvas Admin I can add a rubric to the Outcomes area which allows faculty to click "Find a Rubric" when adding a rubric to either an assignment or to a discussion.  Would it be possible to share a rubric created under Outcomes to the Canvas Commons? I believe our faculty would like the ability to share rubrics they have created to the Commons.


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This would be super helpful, especially for schools that use things like the IB curriculum rubrics (they tend to be rather wordy, and all the teachers use them).

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Yes! I am frustrated with having to create similar rubrics from scratch. I would like to be able to take an existing rubric and modify it for use elsewhere in the course. Sharing to commons would be one way to do that.

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Yes please!  We just had this discussion the other day.  This would be so helpful for staff.

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This would be very helpful for multiple faculty across our institution.

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Yes, we need to be able to share rubrics.  It is a waste of time and resources to recreate the same rubric over and over again. 

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Yes, this would be helpful to have access to other rubrics.

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Thanks  @amanda_youngblo ​, this is certainly a request we get often when talking to customers and we will be looking at developing in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your use cases and for helping us build a better product for everyone in Canvas.

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I would also like to be able to duplicate my own rubric, within my course. Sharing content to Commons only so I can replicate it myself is tedious.

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We would love to share rubrics to commons too

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If you create a blank assignment, add a rubric, then share that assignment to Commons, it will share the Rubric as well. Hope that helps.