[Commons] Ability to share a rubric to the Commons

As a Canvas Admin I can add a rubric to the Outcomes area which allows faculty to click "Find a Rubric" when adding a rubric to either an assignment or to a discussion.  Would it be possible to share a rubric created under Outcomes to the Canvas Commons? I believe our faculty would like the ability to share rubrics they have created to the Commons.


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Originally posted by: Christine Dereberry

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We had this need today also!

Has this feature been revisited?

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I came here wanting to learn how to do this, because I assumed we already could. It seems like a rather obvious feature so it must be more difficult than I'd think, given that it's been 3.5 years and it is still not in production. 

Please spread the word and vote this up! 🙂

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The Radar idea stage has been removed from the Feature Idea Process.  You can read more about why in the blog post Adaptation: Feature Idea Process Changes.


This change will only impact the stage sort of this idea and will not change how it is voted on or how it is considered during prioritization activities.  This change will streamline the list of ideas 'open for voting', making it easier for you to see the true top voted ideas in one sort, here.

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I was trying to figure out how to share some rubrics with a colleague today. This would be very helpful.

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Canvas Community is so vast that I'm not surprised any more when I stumble across great ideas like this one three years after it was posted! I'm glad it's still open for voting.

Rubrics are a valuable instructional asset generally, and so are Canvas rubrics—valuable enough to be shared as a separate digital asset in Canvas Commons.

Here's another idea to improve rubrics, since it's so easy to miss good ideas here. https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/12350-simplify-rubrics-look-and-operation 

Please visit and VOTE UP.



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How can this not be a feature of any learning management system?  The ability to share grading criteria to create consistency across classes is critical.  

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Shareable rubrics would be a huge benefit for faculty, and I hope we get the chance to make this happen. 

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I'm trying to vote on this, but it doesn't seem to register my vote!

I've had many requests for this! 

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Rubrics are such a critical component in online courses; this would be very beneficial. A general improvement to rubrics would be greatly utilized in the community. I don't want to have to grab an assignment with it.

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Although you can share many other resources to commons, for some reason, there doesn't seem to be a way to share rubrics to the commons.  This would be extremely helpful at the secondary level (or any, really) where we use common rubrics.