[Commons] Remove card image requirement

Problem statement:

When uploading content to Commons, you are required to attach an image to your content. With Unsplash (and prior to that Flickr), it was easy to search for an image and attach it to your resources. Now that Unsplash is unavailable, I need to poke around my computer to locate an appropriate image for the card, something I may or may not have readily available at the time. This disrupts the workflow to the main task at hand: uploading a resource to Commons, and the addition of the image on the Commons card is nice but not really a necessary component.

Proposed solution:

I suggest that the image field on the Commons card gets changed to an unrequired field. Course card images are not required on Canvas courses, so there's no reason they should be required in Commons. Like a Canvas course, instructors should be able to select a background color in lieu of an image.

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