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A good instructional design practice is to have a predictable module structure for students to follow throughout a course. This means repeating a similar flow of pages and assignments over multiple sections of a course.


Currently copying requires creating a new module and items for each section, and copying content for each item. By adding a “copy” option when editing a Module, the effort to build a course will be greatly reduced. If this triggered a dialogue to state how many copies to make, it would be very simple to quickly build out a course structure.

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About our use case:

Even though we have module shells pre-built in our standard template, we have to manually insert each of the module elements into each.  So it would be very advantageous to provide a capability for copying a completed module. Also, it would enhance the consistency of our items.   If the solution could trigger a dialogue to state how many copies to make, it would be very simple to quickly build out a course structure.


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We have just discovered that you can copy a complete module/s.

  1. First you go into the course you want the modules added into.
  2. Go into settings
  3. Click Import content into this course
  4. Click copy a canvas course
  5. Search for the course
  6. Click All content or Select specific content (for particular modules)
  7. click Import, select content
  8. click on the arrow of the module category
  9. Select the content and import

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Instructure Alumni

I wonder if an option to "Mark all Pages as Must View" would be a helpful. Rather than repeat multiple steps, Edit > Pages > [select page] > Set requirement, simply choose Edit > [all pages] > Must View.

Similarly, for each Module, it might be nice to have an option to set requirement for all Assignments, Quizzes, etc.. That way a Designer/Teacher can set all Pages to Must View, set all Assignments as Must Submit, and all Quizzes as Must Submit or Must Score.

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This feature would be so much time efficient. Having 12 courses with the same format it would definitely help!

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Once  I set up a module WITHIN a course, I would like to copy the same structure for subsequent modules in the same course.  This is not the same as copying a module from one course to another as a response above provides directions for.  A consistent structure would be helpful for the instructor as well as the students!

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This would be very helpful with my online courses that have the same structure every week (module).

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A simple, "Copy this Module" would save a lot of time.

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Instructure Alumni

We are looking at a major project to improve content creation in Canvas in 2016. The detailed scoping of what would be included in this project has not been completed, but being able to quickly replicate and copy content is one of the items that we are considering for this project. We would not take on the copying of a module structure as a stand-alone project before the other work has been completed.