[Course Import/Export] Set all to unpublished when Importing


When I import content from another course, I would like all assignments and other content to be unpublished by default. Currently, when I copy course content, I need to click through all of the content to unpublish them if they were published in the old course.



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Problem statement:

We have a lot of teachers getting burned by the current way Canvas handles importing assignments from courses in previous terms. These are teachers that have a penalty in their grade books for missing work. Despite our instructions, teachers often don't clear (or shift) the due dates on assignments they import, so the assignments import with a due date in the past. Since assignments are imported in a published state (why, why why....?) the missing work penalty is automatically applied as soon as the assignment is imported.

Proposed solution:

I believe simply changing the default state for imported assignments to "unpublished" (OR giving district admins the ability to set this as the default state) would at least give teachers a fighting chance to adjust dates and not get dinged for missing the "Date Adjustment" step of the import process. Please consider making this an option we can set at the district level.

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