[Discussions] Do not want author pic to show up for admins when a discussion is created

Problem statement:

As a Canvas admin at my institution, I often create content for teachers when building their course. As an admin who does not have a teacher role in the course, I do not want my name and profile pic to show up as the author of a discussion that I have created for a teacher's course. The only work around that I seem to be able to find is to first select the teacher's user name and "act as user" then create the discussion as that user. Their name and pic then shows up as the author. Although that works, i would also not like my name to show up if I have to edit the discussion question later.

Proposed solution:

Allow an option for an admin (or teacher) to toggle off the show author and profile pic when creating a discussion or allow the admin to assign the authorship of the discussion to one of the enrolled teachers. I would also like the admin name not to show up if I have to edit the discussion in any way.

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