[Discussions] Evaluate Discussion Posts for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Text

Problem statement:

Students may inappropriately rely upon Artificial Intelligent (AI) tools to generate text for their discussion board posts and quiz responses (for essay question type).

Proposed solution:

Provide something like TurnItIn's AI report. This could either be reported individually for each of the items submitted or done at one time for all submissions. Regarding discussion board posts, this could be provided automatically for each discussion board post, or all the posts in the discussion board could be submitted to TurnItIn as a single pdf document (student name & post submitted) that is then checked and the report generated - highlighting the text where AI generated text is suspected and providing a probability. For the essay question type on quizzes, this could be handled similarly. Either for each individual essay question, or all essay questions for a given quiz could be submitted as a single pdf (that identified student name, quiz, quiz question, and essay question content).

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