[Enrollments] Allow Users to Be Added to a Concluded Course

Problem statement:

I'm the Canvas admin at our institution. Several times per week, I am asked to add a chair, discipline coordinator, or other faculty/administrator to a concluded Canvas class. This is usually for one of three common reasons: 1. A student has submitted a grade complaint. 2. A supervisor needs to complete a course review. 3. A faculty member wants to share the content of a course with a colleague, especially a new hire. Because the courses are now essentially locked up the minute the conclusion date passes, none of these things is possible unless I masquerade as the course's teacher and share my screen on a Zoom session - very inefficient. I understand not adding students to a closed course, but this particular aspect of Canvas is causing quite a bit of concern and additional work for many. Canvas has suggested workarounds, but instead it would be better if admins could add users on a case-by-case basis to concluded courses.

Proposed solution:

Edit Admin permissions to allow account admins to add users after a course has concluded.

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Hi @llawrence10 ! Thanks for the submission. Since I don't think allowing for new enrollments in concluded courses is something that will be best accomplished via permissions, I've added this to the Make account configuration more flexible through new account settings theme. Settings make more sense to me because I suspect that some accounts will not want to allow for this at all, and I presume that if someone has the ability to modify enrollments, they should also have the ability to add teachers to concluded courses if the setting is enabled.

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@jpoulos Thanks! I'll share this with our next-level Canvas admins. 😁