[Gradebook] Automatically change status from "Missing" to "Closed" when close date passes

Problem statement:

Currently, the Canvas Gradebook has the following statuses available: - Late - Missing - Excused - Resubmitted (I've only seen it in the color settings - never seen it used) - Dropped (I've only seen it in the color settings - never seen it used) When a student doesn't submit an assignment by the due date/time, Canvas will automatically assign the "missing" status. When the close date/time for the assignment passes, the "missing" status remains. This confuses both students and parents, because they think they can still turn in the assignment, despite it being closed.

Proposed solution:

Canvas already automatically triggers the "late" status, based on submissions after the due date/time. It also triggers the "missing" status for non-submissions upon the passing of the due date/time. Therefore, it would make make sense to allow Canvas to automatically trigger a status change from "missing" to "closed" upon the passing of the close date/time. It would require the addition of the new "closed" status to be displayed in the gradebook. This will better help parents and students be able to identify assignments that can no longer be turned in, by simply looking at the gradebook. This will prevent confusion and provide clarity to parents and students.

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