[Gradebook] Message students with missing assignments

Problem statement:

When students do not complete an assignment on paper or through an external tool I want to be able to message students that have a missing indicator.

Proposed solution:

Currently that is not an option to message students with a missing assignment. I want to remind them to complete their assignment. There should be an option to message students with a missing indicator. I have tried a few work arounds, but they do not always work: Message students that haven't been graded (before I put in the missing indicator), but I find if students don't have a missing indicator they don't think its missing, just that their teacher hasn't put in a grade. I also want to put grades in ASAP. Message students below a certain grade, in my district we give a grade of 50% if an assignment is missing. But sometimes students scored 50% and then I cannot message all of the students below a certain grade to say something is missing.

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Community Team
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Hi @beckh2 -

Have you explored New Analytics? There are some wonderful options to message a group of students based on criteria. 

How do I send a message to all students based on specific course criteria in New Analytics? 

If this meets your needs, wonderful! If not, what are you hoping to accomplish but are yet unable to?

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Thanks for sharing the new analytics.

It is not what I want accomplished yet. I would like for the students to know what specific assignments they are missing. They are 6th grade students, they sometimes need more help with knowing what assignments are missing.

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@beckh2, thank you for the quick response to Kristin's question. While there are options to message students that are missing a specific assignment from New Analytics, we recognize the value in having this option available in the gradebook flow as well. We've added your suggestion to the theme for adding more options for "message students who" to gradebook and analytics tools.