[Gradebook Settings] Set Grade posting policy at Account and Subaccount level

We would like the ability to set the grade posting policy within the new Gradebook at the Account and Subaccount level.


In our experience, the assumption is that the grades will be hidden from students by default.  Right now, the only way to adjust the policy is manually in each course.

Manual Grade Posting Policy
The Grade posting policy cannot be set in a Blueprint or at an account or subaccount level to allow an institution to chose their own posting policy.  We would like the ability to do so.

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I agree, this would be very much needed for our institution as well!

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Currently, the default grade posting policy is set to "automatic" and instructors need to change it to "manual" to avoid that students grades are released one by one or question by question when the TAs grade the assignments. In my experience instructors often forget to do this because it is an unexpected default behavior that needs to be changed for every course (and with far between courses, it is hard to get used to.

It would be great with an option for the institution to set the default for all new canvas courses be changed to "manual". Even changing the default all across canvas would be beneficial, since having  "manual" as the default would be the option that causes the less harm if a human error is made. If an instructor wants "automatic" but forgets to change it from "manual", there will just be a small delay in when students get their grade. However, if an instructor wants "manual" but forgets to change from the default "automatic", then the current default causes students to get partial and asynchronous grades released, which have led to confusion among the students in my experience.

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Related idea about being able to change it when creating an assignment which would at least serve as a reminder, but being able to change the default would be more efficient in my opinion https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Idea-Conversations/Grade-Posting-Policy-should-be-configurable-in...

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I cannot imagine ANY instructor who would want to automatically release grades as they are being scored in real time. 

This feature always surprises and enrages any instructor I've worked with in any university.

PLEASE can we make this setting on the account level!

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We would really appreciate this feature being developed! We've had a few awkward surprises when marks have been inadvertently released because of the automatic grade posting policy.

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Yes, this would be a REALLY valuable feature to have.

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We would really like to have this option!

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Yes agree. Please add this!

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I agree with this- it would be super handy to have as it is one less thing to have to think about each time you are working in a new course.

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Yes please. I would be grateful if you could develop this feature.