[Gradebook Settings] Set Grade posting policy at Account and Subaccount level

We would like the ability to set the grade posting policy within the new Gradebook at the Account and Subaccount level.


In our experience, the assumption is that the grades will be hidden from students by default.  Right now, the only way to adjust the policy is manually in each course.

Manual Grade Posting Policy
The Grade posting policy cannot be set in a Blueprint or at an account or subaccount level to allow an institution to chose their own posting policy.  We would like the ability to do so.

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As a field admin, this feature would be invaluable to either deploy myself, or assign the permission to an account role and allow others to perform. Let's do this! 

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We'd support the development of this as an option at sub-account level. It would definitely help with Instructors who are rather new to Canvas and gradebook, and are not yet familiar with the default settings of gradebook - which some say is counter intuitive - especially so for large institutions in the higher education space.

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i agree with this feature.  i think the auto-grade posting feature could be improved.  i would like to have grades posted 24 or 48 hours after a quiz or exam so as to limit cheating.

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Yes, this would be a nice feature to have.

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Our institution is about to go through and change every course we have ever created to manual posting as auto-posting has caused us untold amounts of grief but we didn't know any better until now. Two and a half years after implementaiton.


It goes without saying that being able to force this policy at the account level would be hugely beneficial.

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Our institution would benefit greatly if this was an option to set the default for all new canvas courses to "manual" grade posting policy. "Manual" as the default would even be better than "automatic" due to the risks involved if staff forget to change the grade posting policy. The impact on the student experience and on supporting staff is huge if this is not done correctly. 

Academic and support staff have huge work demands required of them already and it would be beneficial if we could take this administrative task off their plate by being able to apply "manual" posting policy at the account level. 



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This would be exceptionally valuable - I'm not sure why it's not like this already! 🙂

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We would really like to have this option!

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We would find this useful




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Would be very supportive of this development as it is a cause for anxiety for many of our staff