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This is an idea to modify group functionality so one can either export student group lists/rosters to a .csv spreadsheet format OR have groups listed in one of the spreadsheet columns when grades are exported (in the same fashion that Username and course section are included). In large enrollment classes, this is an absolutely essential feature. We use teams to set up tools external to the CMS and there currently is no easy way to access group data in the current Canvas configuration.

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@jbrown  thank you so much for this!!!  What a secret - it is so well hidden!! I never clicked the download button because the instructions make it look like, as you say, it's a template, but also it looked like you had to manually organize, the groups on the CSV to then upload / import.  Instructure  support staff on the chat don't know about it either - I was told it is not possible by two support staff, which is how I found myself here.   

I have generated the export CSV and I am thrilled - it is exactly what I need - thank you for taking the time to direct me.   All we need is for Instructure to add an Export button and put the link there and tell their staff!!  Have a great weekend 🙌

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I agree with others here that it's great that we can now export the roster with groups listed in a csv file. My question is why this is hidden under the feature to IMPORT group lists from a csv file. Also, that little hidden link sounds like it merely gives a template, instead of a populated csv file. 

Being able to export a list that includes who is in what group is an essential feature, so why is it so hidden?

One further thing: on the How do I import groups in a group set? page, the word 'export' is nowhere on the page, so if someone comes there looking for how to export a list, they may miss it. Instead, it only mentions downloading a course roster csv file.

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Thank you for those that shared about the file from the Import includes students currently in the groups.  It looks like the file that it exports for the import file uses the export groups in and users in category API call. 

I have been developing a Chrome extension as a side project and added a feature that adds an export button on a groups page and uses that API call to download a CSV file of the groups and users within the groups for that group category.  This feature may break in the future with Canvas updates, but it is a nice workaround until Canvas hopefully implements a similar functionality in the future.

I made a blog post about it here: Creating a Chrome Extension to Use with Canvas LMS 

You can install the free Chrome extension here: Canvas LMS Mods (Basic) 

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While it's really nice that you can achieve the desired outcome by going under import, I don't see why we can't have a nice "export" button nearby to make the process much more user friendly and accessible. Instructors have asked us about this process because it is not intuitive.

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