[Inbox] Signature Block

It would be nice to have the option to add a signature block that can automatically be added to "Inbox" messages as well as discussion posts.

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Instructure Alumni

Thanks for sharing this idea,  @galvanj ‌. It's one that has been proposed a few times before (and if you'd like to see its previous iterations, please join Cold Storage‌ and search for "signature"), but thus far, none of the submissions have received the traction that would be necessary to move them forward for possible prioritization. As time passes, priorities change, so perhaps the idea will gain more support in this new round of voting.

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I like this idea, if only because Canvas platform components should look, feel, and behave like more generic applications. The Canvas email features should match the basic features of every other basic email app, signatures included.

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I believe that this ability is essential as it allows the person writing the email to provide important information about him/herself such as a phone number, status in the community (eg. "Director of Department of Teaching and Learning, UWM"), etc.

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I agree.  It's not practical to need to type/provide other basic contact info each time a message is sent.  I've been asking about this for a while, now, and it's surprising that this wasn't a basic feature from the start.  Please look at this Canvas.  Thank you,  Kris

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Being able to add a signature line is very important as an instructor so that I can include important contact information for my students to reach me.  

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It's not just a "nice feature".  This is important to maintaining a professional tenor in the classes.  In fact, I think it's amazing that no institution that uses canvas has requested that this be an upgrade in order to keep their subscription.  There are free systems out there like Moodle that are not any less professional. 

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Yes would be very nice to be able to add a signature that automatically pops up when writing emails. At this time i'm having to write it out every single time. 

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This feature will reduce the added time for Professors to type necessary information that students need to access after reading an email, like office number or phone number, in case they need to make an appointment or contact the Professor directly. I have 70 students this semester and I'm an adjunct Professor. Full-time professors have more. Larger colleges have more. That's a lot of added typing that can be programmed to aid in allowing Professors to use that time to prepare new materials for class, assist students needing help, etc.

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Chiming in in hopes Canvas developers will take note.  I too believe this is an important feature, and was surprised today to notice that there is NOT a signature option for sending emails to groups/classes/students.  I'm not a programmer and perhaps I'm being naive, but it does seem like that shouldn't be too difficult to implement.  Please Canvas Developers....get on this one!

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I think signature blocks would be a great added feature. The lack of this option really diminishes when we can use the Canvas Inbox.