Make the Confetti for On-Time Submissions an Option

The recently released Assignment Submission Celebration has garnered quite a bit of conversation over the last month.  It's very obvious that they people of many different opinions about it.  Everyone's opinion is probably correct for their situation which is why we need this to be a feature option.  Something that individual schools, sub-accounts or even instructors can control for their classes.  I'd even go a step further and say it would be good to have it as a per assignment option.  


Currently it is an account level feature option but that is set to change in July.  I would like to see it permanently remain an option for schools and teachers to decide to use or not. 

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2020-07-18) 

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I don't know all the reasons for or against the confetti, but it is an addition that does not impact my instruction.  What concerns me is that some of my students have very old computers and/or very slow internet connections.  I don't want them stuck on a page because the confetti is busy loading.  If it is an option, I think the most important group to be able to opt out are the students.  But I may also be showing my ignorance of how it works.

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The feature option for Assignments: Confetti for On-Time Submissions has been transitioned to account/course settings. 

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2020-07-18) 

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I think this would be a fun addition for students!  I for one like to congratulate people on Facebook just so I can see the confetti and the balloons.  For the recipient, seeing something like this would be a great motivator to continue to be on-time just so that they can see it again -- much like me and Facebook!  Haha

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This is "In Development" but "Keep Highest Grading" still counting votes to be considered?

Wow!!!! Canvas is really as bad as few former users said and few current users say it is.

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Please don't waste development time with this.  Lets focus on the many, many key features we need in Canvas.

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As much fun as this would be, @wschilling has a good argument.  Please consider adding multiple due dates to assignments.  This would be a more useful item for developers to include the Canvas.

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Why is "turning off confetti" higher on the priority list than "turning off the to-do list", which has had numerous serious complaints about how it affects instruction.  While I don't particularly like confetti, it doesn't affect my instruction near as much as students skipping lessons and going straight to assessments becase they saw it in the to-do list.  Fix high-priority items, or at least tell us you are working on it.

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I like the feature idea. My district would love the ability to enable confetti in this way.

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What a joke Canvas developers are. Literally nobody cares about confeti or not. Developers DONT CARE about the Community interest. so pissed off that they're wasting there time on this bullsht....

Fire these developers especially Stefanie

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Love this feature, adds a little extra fun to distance learning.