[Modules] Allow Number of Discussion Posts Set for Module Requirement to be Complete


Similar to the Module Setting for Quiz objects of "Score at least..." x points before that requirement is met, please add "Submit at least x [number of] forum posts" for Discussion objects. In my courses, I often have a required "initial" post and two or three "reply" posts due for discussions. Unfortunately, if "contribute to the page" is used for discussions, a single post credits that requirement as being fully completed. The student sees a Green check mark by that module item in their view, and they sometimes forgets to go back and submit their required replies. Once the discussion is graded and the student has lost points for missing replies, they sometimes tell me that they completely spaced out going back for those because they saw the green check and weren't alerted that they weren't done. Thanks for your consideration on this!

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why can't do modules at kick me out today finishing my work mistakes some work need to be done.

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It looks like this is still open for voting? Any update as to it's progress in the pipeline?

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This is same idea as https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/17108-option-for-setting-a-number-of-discussion-posts-required... 

I have just re-submitted that archived idea (also initially posted in 2015 with no action to date)

I suggest you all go vote on the new idea. More votes will get more action from Canvas.

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differentiating a set number of initial posts vs. a set number of rely posts would be very helpful with a tool like this

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being able to specify number of posts, and number of replies to do would be amazing. Could also tie into the "most post before seeing others posts" option eg "must post X times before seeing others posts" and "must post X replies to others posts" for the item to be ticked off as complete on the module page!

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