[Modules] Hide locked Module title/contents from students before release date

Currently in Canvas, when a module is locked until a specific date/time, students can see the module title and contents (although they cannot access them). Some faculty would like the option to hide the title of unreleased modules and materials altogether. This could be accomplished either by not displaying upcoming modules at all, or substituting names such as "Locked Module" for the titles of upcoming material. Although this can currently be accomplished by manually publishing modules on a designated date, the preferred approach would be to allow titles to be obscured as an option for locked material.


This will support faculty who want to stage their entire course at the beginning of the term, and have students move through content that builds on previous weeks, with key concepts being highlighted in later weeks that would provide hints for students completing activities in earlier weeks.

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i am surprised this has been discussed since 2015 wth no resolution. We adopted Canvas in our district and I am currently at an elementary school. With our littles we like to keep everything as clean and easy to follow as possible. We would LOVE to see a schedule to publish or hide until unlocked option. Just having the locked option is still confusing and it floods their screen with content they don't need to focus on yet.

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Adding my voice to @AaronDinkin@Anne-Marie , @aduque and Jacobsen-C.

Seven years this has been discussed. I don't get why it's so difficult to have every function (assignments, quizzes, announcements, modules) have the same scheduling options:

Assign to (so study groups can see modules for just their topic)

Available from

Available until

Due date (with "No due date" as an option)

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This is usually a sign that the company is getting old and less efficient. It is also ridiculous that some users were voting down this feature because they are not likely to lose anything with this extra feature.

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