[Modules] Publish / Unpublish ALL Option

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Instead of having to click every single item in a long list to Publish or Unpublish them all, it would save a lot of time if we had the option to "Publish All" or "Unpublish All". It would be even slicker if we could select or highlight a large group of multiple items (though not necessarily all of them) to publish or unpublish all at once.

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Canvas, please add an unpublish-all function. I was new to Canvas last year and will be copying over my old courses for use this year (5th grade). I am a little afraid to try the Java Script work-around and really don't have time to manually unpublish each individual assignment and page for 5 different courses. It's a year's worth of assignments and pages.

It could be done when the course is copied or it could be an option on the Assignments or Pages page.

I see the comments going back to 2016 requesting this. Please make it happen. 


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Why is this feature not been added?  It is ridiculous that this feature has not been added!!!!

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+1 for this. Incredible Canvas haven't implemented it already.


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I am a Canvas admin I find myself helping staff by importing content from previously taught courses within departments and from teachers who have left the district. Teachers love this Canvas capability.  However, when this is done with previously taught courses, the content is typically still published. There needs to be a quick and easy way to unpublish many items at one time. It is so easy to publish at once, but not the opposite.

Of course we can unpublish the Module with one click, but the individual assignments and other course content are all still published allowing people to still see it in the individual course navigation indexes like "assignments" & "Quizzes." This can be fixed-ish by eliminating those index pages from navigation, but those published items still greatly clunk up the gradebook.

I wish there were an additional button next to the original button to publish & unpublish on each module. This second toggle button could act as a bit of an override and not only unpublish the module, but also unpublish everything within the module. Teachers simply shouldn't have to click so much and this seems like it should have a very simple fix! While there was discussion on this in Community, I couldn't see that this idea was already proposed. Come on you Canvas big brains-- please fix this. :0)

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Yes! It would be so great to unpublish in bulk - either an entire course or just everything in a module. Wonderful idea! 

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I'm happy I found this. I'm sure I'm not the only one who publishes modules/pages sequentially during a course. It's a royal pain to import/reuse the course for a new year and have to go back and unpublish each item one by one, especially for large  courses with hundreds of items. 

This is such an obvious feature to have. I'm puzzled why it hasn't been incorporated yet. I keep thinking there must be a workaround, but I haven't found one. 

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You offer a great and easy way to import past courses / modules. What is extremely troublesome is having to unpublish every assignment. PLEASE offer an "UNPUBLISH ALL" feature to save teachers from this time consuming, tedious way of unpublishing past assignments.

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@scottdennis As mentioned in many comments, could an "unpublish all" button be added to support those of us who import course content from past courses, and then have to individually unpublish HUNDREDS of assignments, modules, etc? Thank you!

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Great idea.  Canvas have already implemented "edit assignment dates" feature - that's a brilliant way to bulk edit the due dates of assignments.  I think that interface could be adjusted to add the bulk publish/unpublish feature too.

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I'm extremely surprised this feature is not in Canvas.  It's more disappointing to see that this suggestion has been out there for more than 5 years - this is not a hard feature to add, but from a usability standpoint, it is impetrative that it be there.