[Modules] Selecting and Moving Multiple Items in Modules

I am working on a new semester in Canvas. I have moved over my old content from Blackboard. I am now trying to organize items a bit better into modules. It would be wonderful if there was a way to select multiple items in the modules sections and move them all at once to a new or different module. Thanks!

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I agree. It seems like a simple thing to add and would add so much to the ease of use for teachers. Please add this! It is so tedious to move items one at a time. I spend so long having to do this each week. PLEASE

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The ability to select multiple items in a module to move, copy, share, etc would be very helpful.

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Please make it possible to copy/move more than one page at a time. It would be nice to select multiple pages at one time.

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I agree, please allow us to select multiple pages to move at once.

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After two years of conversation on this idea, all Canvas-using educators are still spending hours and hours acting on individual items, without a multi-select feature.  This is a massive misuse of educator time!  (If a programmer had to spend even two hours doing this type of repetitive task, there'd be some tool development.)

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This would definitely be a great feature! A new semester has started and I'm trying to move all my assignments from the first semester to a new category. It is taking forever. I would love to be able to move several at once! 

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I would also love to see the ability to select multiple items in both Modules and Assignments. I'd like to be able to Move, Duplicate, Publish, and Delete multiple items. This would be a HUGE time saver so I could have more time to make meaningful lessons for my students.

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Ok, so first of all I want to say - THANK YOU - for the "Move Contents" feature added to the drop down (on the three dots) per module.  This will save me, personally, & I'm sure many others, a great deal of time!

The only little thing that would make this perfect (in my mind) would be the ability to select which items are being moved in a group - as opposed to only one at a time or all of them at once.

But - thank you for the increase in functionality - just blew my mind while I was setting up my 4th Quarter work for my two Elementary classes. Thank you!!!

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Canvas literally doesn't pay attention to anything written here. We switched to Canvas from Moodle and it's a **bleep** nightmare. How is it possible that there is no way to move items in bulk via a select radiobutton or a check button? MSDOS had file managers that could do that. We are paying to be tortured and neglected.

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