[Modules] Selecting and Moving Multiple Items in Modules

I am working on a new semester in Canvas. I have moved over my old content from Blackboard. I am now trying to organize items a bit better into modules. It would be wonderful if there was a way to select multiple items in the modules sections and move them all at once to a new or different module. Thanks!

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Seconded, make a checkbox feature for both modules and items within modules to allow for bulk handling: rearranging, publishing, deleting etc.

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Creating a feature that allows the course builder to move multiple files at once to a different module would be so helpful to those who are importing content from other LMS systems.

Many would benefit from a created solution. 

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Upvote. Please make this happen, Canvas. Please.

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This is needed times a billion!!!

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I agree with everyone - too many clicks!

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A way to multi-select pages, assignments, headers etc. is desperately needed within modules. This way the user can move items around within the module and to other modules. Hours of work are often needed because this isn't YET a feature.

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Yes, please, Canvas, prioritize this request. 

It is tedious to have to move items one at a time. I am among those who can't understand why selecting multiple items within a Module in order to be able to move them from one Module to another in one step is a function you would hesitate to add. It would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!

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In the light of a constructive discourse, can your dev team give an approximate timeline of when this feature will be implemented?

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Please, can Canvas add this feature? I imported work from a previous year and have to move about a hundred assignments, quizzes, etc, for EACH subject. It's very time consuming. Quite frankly, ridiculous.

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Please, please, please add this feature. It would be such a timesaver to be able to select and move mulitple pages at one time within modules. Checkboxes, or click multiple pages and drag them to the desired location would be great.

We have trimesters and have to rearrange a copied course each time. Please help teachers save time!