[Modules] Task "Check Off" in Modules

I have had several students request that they have the ability to "check off" and "flag" certain items within a modules.  They would like to be able to "check off" when something is completed and flag things to come back to, similar to an email inbox.  

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That would be a really great feature!

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I've posted the same thing. Blackboard automatically checked the assignments off once you submitted them. It was a wonderful feature. Canvas really needs to update it to user-friendly. 

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Some accommodations for students include checklists. This would be a great way for students to keep track of what has been completed or what needs to be visited/revisited. i like the idea of colored flags as well.

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Check box for course progress tracking for students internally.  Have a checkbox next to each item uploaded into the course content or per module.  When the student feels comfortable with the content reviewed or has reviewed the item.  This will allow them to track where they are in the course (in case students fall behind or need to review certain areas) to provide internal marking.

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@opttie Your students may find the Dashboard List View useful.  It won't have all module content, but it will help them track anything with a due date.

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While Canvas does a great job of helping students keep track of their completed assignments based on if they have been submitted or not, students can encounter issues with this when teachers create assignments that do not have a submission or incorrectly upload group assignments as individual assignments (so that they show as "missing" even if another group member has submitted it). This feature would allow students to take more control over their assignments and calendar, making it easier to track assignments despite any issues on the professor's side of the course.

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Hello, I just had a simple idea to maybe have a check box next to each of the daily assignments. Just so as parents we can get a quick glimpse of how far we are in the day and help time things effectively. 

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I would love to have a box that I could mark as done or important beside each item in the modules. I have many videos assigned by teachers and files that I need to print that they have uploaded. I have wasted time opening the same files numerous times because without a way for me to mark them I can't tell until I open it that I've already completed the task.

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There needs to be a check box next to each assignment in the assignments page and modules page where students can mark assignments as complete.  When I open certain tasks it does not indicate the activity is complete and I and 0/XX points, thus I start it again.  Or it indicates this is attempt two of XX automatically when I have already submitted the assignment I do not know if opening it a second time erases the first attempt.  some professors have different areas where they post assignments it would be nice to visually see when one is complete without having to open it up.  

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We (teachers/instructors) at the intermediate school level have found that our students need a check box for done or completed work that does not or even does have a submission. Our students are struggling with knowing what they have and have not completed in their assignments and modules. SOme of the modules do not have submissions to show they completed the work. 

Would it be possible to have a check box for if they completed an item and have it visible on the assignment or modules page for easy reference?