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Situation:  Multiple sections of one course with varying due dates each week.

If I mute the assignment and grade each section as assignments come in each day, then unmute at the end of the week, students in the Monday section don't see their grades until Saturday.

I'd like to mute each section as I evaluate and unmute when those grades are complete.

Too much delay for students with sections early in the week before they receive feedback on their assignments.

Thank you for considering!

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I am in the same situation and I fully support this idea. I need more control over when I give feedback to my students in different sections.


Fully support this idea, as we have courses with co-teachers and it's really hard for one teacher to want to release grades for their sections but not make them available to the other teacher's classes!

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I was just meeting with a small group of teachers at one of our elementary schools here in Brookline, MA last Friday (6/9/17) and they were eager to get this feature request in!  I hope it's added to the overall update that Grades/Gradebook will be undergoing this summer.

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This feature is really critical for courses with multiple sections/ multiple due dates. We need to release some of the grades earlier because they need the feedback for the next assignment...

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This is such a frustrating thing to not be able to do, especially with a large cohort of students, different marking schedules, classes and due dates.

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I'm hoping to associate this longstanding, popular idea with:

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Our school could really benefit from this, as our schedule is staggered, and not all courses meet on the same days.

What is the current status of this? Does it need more votes?

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I really support this idea - or something that otherwise delivers the same functionality. I've come to this feature idea looking for a solution to the limitation that you can only unmute at Assignment level - even though you can set and assign differentiated Due dates for students in an Assignment (and each Due date will have its own 'Available from' and 'Until' dates).

At the moment the only way we can see overcoming this is creating multiple / copying Assignments to set different Due dates etc. - which really is a bit of a nightmare (tbh).

Assigning students to a section to control selective unmute would be one solution, we've also been thinking that providing an option to unmute by date (relative to the Due date) would be another solution (similar to other assessment platforms out there).

While I'm here Smiley Happy, it would also be great if we could have an account level option to set muted as default rather than having unmuted as default (as we need to manually mute during marking - and then unmute when evaluation / grading is complete - and it runs the risk of human error and forgetfulness).