[New Quizzes] Add viewable general quiz question comments AFTER exam submission

Problem statement:

I recently learned that adding "General comments" to multiple-choice questions on a graded classic Canvas quiz do NOT appear if the student has already attempted a quiz. Unfortunately, I spent several hours writing these general comments based on questions students struggled with, only to learn that students could not see most of them. The exception to this appears to be for regraded questions (e.g., gave credit for two correct answers, accidentally miscoded the original correct answer, etc.). I learned that students must attempt the quiz again to see the general comments. I was also told by my institution's Canvas support team that New Quizzes would likely have the same issue.

Proposed solution:

Allow adding general and similar comments to multiple-choice and similar questions AFTER students have already attempted the quiz. This would help as sometimes instructors cannot entirely anticipate what questions students will find most challenging. There may be a good reason to linking comments to a particular attempt, but that seems more important for something like a paper that is graded in stages. Perhaps a message that prompts the person adding comments asking them if they want this comment to appear even after the attempt has been completed would be helpful.

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